Face Fit Testing

25th November 2012

All persons who work where dust in generated must wear appropriate RPE. To ensure the equipment provides an effective seal on the face they must undergo Face Fit Testing.

  • There are two types of face fit testing - QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE.
  • Whichever method is used the model and size of mask you are tested with is the mask you will then have to use.
  • Should you experience any change in face shape through, for example major dental work or significant weight gain/loss, you may be required to have a retest.

  • A face mask may not provide an effective seal if you have a beard or significant stubble.
  • Face fit testing must be carried out by a competent person who has undergone training in this procedure
  • Suitable records must be kept of tests carried out.
  • In addition the person being tested should receive a report (or certificate) showing the results of the test.

For further advice or guidance please contact us on 01295 275205