Vehicle and Mobile Plant Safety Awareness

2nd December 2013

On average 10 workers die each year as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant on construction sites. A further 100 are seriously injured.

To help reduce the potential of accidents:

  • Familiraise yourself with the traffic management plan on site
  • Remember the traffic management plan changes as work proceeds, so ensure to check regularly
  • Ensure high visibility clothing is worn at all times
  • When walking around site ensure you keep to pedestrian walkways and cross at designated points
  • Before crossing get the attention of the machine operator and ensure you have been seen and given the OK to cross
  • Never walk around site wearing ear plugs or earphones or when using a mobile phone, this may distract you and prevent you from hearing approaching plant/vehicles
  • Never act as banksman unless qualified and authorised to do so
  • Never operate any plant or machinery unless qualified and authorised to do so

For further advice or guidance please contact us on 01295 275205