Introduction To Fee For Intervention

18th November 2013

What is Fee for intervention (FFI)?

A HSE inspector inspects work activities and investigates incidents and complaints

During inspections the HSE inspector checks for material breaches of the law. A material breach is where ahealth and safety law is broken and the inspector judges if it is serious enough for them to notify a business inwriting, this will either be a notification of contravention, improvement or prohibition notice, or prosecution in which case you will have to pay a fee

The fee is based on the amount of time that the inspector has had to spend identifying the breach, helping thebusiness put it right, investigating and taking enforcement action

Why has this been introduced?

In October 2012 Fee for intervention was introduced by the government and HSE under regulations 23 to 25 of the health and safety (fees) regulations 2012 act. This update in H&S regulation means that the HSE canrecover its costs from a business or organisation that breaks health and safety where previously this charge came from the public purse

If a company breaks a health and safety law the HSE may recover its costs from them

If a HSE inspector needs to visit a business or site following a breach in health and safety law or during a visit they see a material breach the business owner will have to pay a fee for their time and effort spent helping them put the matter right

A materiel breach is where a health and safety law is broken and an HSE inspector judges that it is serious enough for them to notify a company in writing either in the form of a notification of contravention improvement or prohibition notice or prosecution

By introducing the new process the HSE feel it will encourage business owners and operatives to comply with Health and Safety law in the first place or put matters right quickly


All person have a responsibility to comply to health and safety law, by signing up to documents you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed their content and will comply with all health and safety systems and process

Breaches in health and safety can create the following consequences:

  • Damage to reputation for both the business and operatives
  • Serious injury to yourself and/or someone else
  • Possible removal from principal contractors approved tender lists
  • If you see a health and safety issue report it immediately

Remember NEVER put yourself or others at risk